COVIDprog registerbeskrivning

Description of personal data file in accordance with section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999)

1. Controller

Name: Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)
Mailing address: P.O. Box 30, 00271 Helsinki, Finland
Visiting address: Mannerheimintie 166, Helsinki, Finland
Telephone: +358 29 524 6000

2. Contact person for the personal data file

Name: Technical support for the COVIDprog online service
Address: P.O. Box 30, 00271 Helsinki, Finland

3. Name of personal data file

COVIDprog user register, THL online services user register

4. Purpose of personal data file

The COVIDprog user registration data is requires for the implementation of the COVIDprog study. The users use the service for identification to log into the online service. The online service provides registered users an interface for answering questionnaires and submitting an informed consent to participate in study.

5. Contents of personal data file

The data recorded in the COVIDprog online service include:
Mandatory data:

  • User’s personal identity code
  • User’s name
  • Voluntary data:

    • Questionnaire data
    • Consent data

    6. Regular sources of data

    The COVIDprog data sources are based on identification service and data personally submitted by the user, and the user’s activities in the COVIDprog online service.

    7. Disclosure of data in the personal data file

    The data in the personal data file shall not be disclosed to third parties.

    8. Right of access and right to rectification of data subject

    The data subject shall have the right to access the personal data and request the rectification of the data. The request for access shall be submitted in writing or personally to the contact person of the personal data file.

    9. Erasure of data

    User data may be erased upon request by the data subject in the case that he or she has not used the service within the previous three (3) months. A need may also arise to erase the data as a result of monitoring if the customer is misusing the service or is using the service to engage in criminal activity.

    10. Principles for securing personal data file

    The personal data file shall not be stored as paper print-outs.

    The user data of the COVIDprog online service are stored electronically on the servers of the service provider, CSC – IT Center for Science. The data is only available on this server, and can only be accessed by the technical staff of the operator in charge of the technical implementation of the service. Personnel may only access the server with a password-protected SSH key pair.